Groupthink (Science special)

Groupthink (Science special)

Sunday October 28, 11.00am – 12.15pm

We all want to be individuals – but we also want to fit in.

Which is why online communities have become such a powerful tool for connecting like-minded people and rallying opinion around a common cause.

Hopefully, these common causes will also be for the common good – but there is also potential for groupthink and ‘mob mentalities’ to result in less progressive outcomes. So should we embrace these global communications platforms unreservedly or proceed with caution?

Make up your own mind by joining us at this month’s assembly on 28th October, when we’ll be exploring the science of persuasion to tie in with the brilliant Brighton Science Festival.

Our guest speakers for October are Alice Reeves and Sophie Turton from The Joyful Web, speaking about the phenomena of web movements such as #MeToo and the power of online communities to achieve social change. We’ll also be looking at the madness of crowds, enjoying some original poetry and singing some awesome pop songs – followed by friendly tea & cake immediately afterwards.

Everybody else is coming and the event is completely FREE, so you’ll look really daft if you don’t join us and spend the next month hearing how you missed the best assembly of the year! 🙂

We’ve even got our eagerly-awaited Annual General Meeting taking place immediately after the tea & cake – which we’d love you to attend to help us shape the future of Sunday Assembly Brighton.


Don’t forget our Young Assembly for 7+ kids, playing games and activities across the road while the main assembly is going on. We will be working together to create the International Space Station – an example of groupthinking across national borders. Plus free refreshments and biscuits!

More details at:


We will also be running our popular foodbank collection at the main entrance: making it super simple for you to donate any in-date, non-perishable food and toiletries that you can spare (ie. tins, packets, jars and bottles).



The Sunday Assembly is a global network of non-religious gatherings which aims to celebrate life and inspire people through talks, readings, poems, silent contemplation and classic pop songs.

Originally established by Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans (two
stand-up comics who accidentally stumbled into a mission to change
the world), the movement subsequently evolved into a network of independent communities around the world, each seeking to explore the Sunday Assembly vision in their own way.

Sunday Assembly Brighton takes place on the fourth Sunday of every month at the beautiful St Andrew’s Venue on Waterloo Street, Hove, BN3 1AQ (see Important Note below).

Please be aware that although the address above is correct, the map shown by Gogle Maps can sometimes be wrong… it is definitely at the seafront end of Waterloo Street in Hove, opposite the Southern Belle pub (previously the Iron Duke). There are two St Andrew’s in Hove so please don’t end up in the other one, which sometimes gets picked up by Google Maps by mistake and is still a normal church. Ours should be listed as St Andrew’s Venue.