Sunday 23rd August: ‘Express Yourself’

The theme of this month’s service was Express Yourself and we kicked things off with a rendition of Madonna’s song of the same name.  Gareth read from ‘Letters of Note’ an entry by Robert Pirosh who expressed his love of words in his cheeky pursuit of a job as a screenwriter.  Pirosh’s creative approach apparently worked and his career change eventually resulted in an Academy Award: who knows what opportunities can arise from expressing yourself? Our main speaker was the inspiring Jo Hunter, co-founder of 64 Million Artists.  After quitting her job and wondering what to do, Jo asked her friends to set her some creative challenges to push her outside of her comfort zone.  She was challenged to’ grow something’, ‘write a poem to a stranger and leave it somewhere to be found’, to ‘cook a meal she hadn’t made before’, and to have ‘one person half her age and another person twice her age to teach her their favourite dance’.  Not only did these challenges teach her new things, they also introduced her to new people and helped her to express who she is.  Through 64 Million Artists, Jo invites everyone in Britain to ‘do something new and celebrate their creativity, to be proud of their passion, and show their flair’.  Jo believes that ‘art is not just for people who are good at it’ and offers ways in which we can unlock our potential through creativity by doing 3 things:

  • Do stuff – actually do it: don’t just talk about doing it
  • Think about it – reflect on the experience transforming it into being a cognitive action
  • Share it with other people

Jo’s talk mirrors the benefits that I have felt since being involved with Sunday Assembly Brighton.  Through doing many things outside of my comfort zone, by reflecting on my actions and by sharing the experience with other people my life has been enriched and I recognise the value in her campaign. We followed Jo’s talk with our version of Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I am what I am’ which our everyone sang with gusto. Richard Robinson, director of Brighton Science Festival  was our ‘science guy’ for today’s event, and stressed the importance of us expressing ourselves to help shape the world.

Jeff from Sunday Assembly LA and his tattoo


Our ‘This Much I Know’ slot was filled by Jeff – a fellow Sunday Assembly organiser from Los Angeles. His passion for Sunday Assembly prompted him to get a tattoo of the Sunday Assembly logo.




We had a moment of reflection, some choosing to spend the silence giving a thought to those affected by the devastating plane crash in nearby Shoreham yesterday.

Our notices this month include:

  • Planning meeting: Tuesday 1st September, Battle of Trafalgar 7pm. Everyone is welcome to come and share ideas, offer their time, or just to find out what is needed to put on our monthly events.
  • Choir for all abilities: Tues 8th Sept and Tues 22nd Sept 7pm at the Brighthelm Centre, North Road (email us for more details)
  • Top of the Crops sing-a-long: Thursday 10th September 7pm, Union Chapel, Islington (see Sunday Assembly website for details. Tickets £12/£9)
  • Third ThursdayThursday 17th Sept Battle of Trafalgar 7pm
  • Next service: Sunday 27th September 11am – ‘Respect’
  • AGM: Sunday 27th September after the service (email us if you wish to register your interest in standing for election to the committee by 20th September)

We wrapped up with a rousing rendition of We Are the Champions, accompanied by Chris and Paul on guitars.

If you would like to express yourself and tap into your inner creativity, what better way than to get involved with Sunday Assembly Brighton? If you would like to read a poem, offer a talk for the This Much I Know slot or if you would like to sing in the choir or join the band then please get in touch: I can thoroughly recommend it!

See you In September!

Jo x


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